Friday, July 6, 2012

Big list

The stupidly big to-do list!

  • Make block animations.
    • Made the base-block frames, I will test. Then I need to modify it for the main-character block, then for the enemy block.
  • Make dodge animations.
  • Make hurt animations.
  • Make dying animations.
  • Make villiagers.
    • Needs less "hero"y proportions. And possibly some older/younger people as well.
  • Make menu screen.
  • Make step sounds play by position in walk-cycle not by looping sound file.
  • Make lots of background noise animations for various things.
    • Tall grass in the wind.
    • Running water.(EDIT:Started)
    • Bushes in the wind.
    • Chimes.
    • Window shutters flapping the wind.
    • Trees in the wind?
    • Swings in the wind.
  • Make AI flee when low on agility.
  • Make AI path-find using nodes.
  • Make "screamer" AI.
  • Test and tweak blocking till just right.
  • Make shine/temple art assets (based off LPC work)
  • Modify LPC house work to be a bit more variant.
  • Pick a font for the game. I THINK I have one I'm okay with.
  • Make a text-box system, probably make it in THM and fetch the changes.
  • Make pseudo-blindness a boolean trigger.
  • Make the whole world "freeze" for a split second upon a successful hit.
    • Use pygame.mixer.pause and unpause for sound, use a boolean variable to stop updating anything in the playState.
  • Pick menu music.
  • Pick general background music.
  • Make the window bigger, and possibly add panning.
  • Add a "fade to black" effect.
  • Retouch main character animations, as you'll be seeing a lot of that.
 And after/during all that, quite importantly:
  • Actually design the levels/scenario.
So, now that I have a general idea of what I need to do. Most of that is doable. The big catch is basically all the graphics work, as that generally takes a while.

So I think I need to dedicate tomorrow to reworking/finishing the main character graphics. And just try to have it done. Although it's not as easy as it looks (Curse you internet, being distracting.)

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