Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 8

I need to stop having so many social events to go to. For some reason this jam had to be perfectly timed with so many things.

I think I will just pick up the remaining of yesterday's to do list and add a few more things.

  • Modify block animation  for the main-character block, then for the enemy block.
  • Make dodge animations. Was lazy/time efficient and recycled some frames.
  • Make hurt animations.
  • Make AI flee when low on agility.
  • Make lots of background noise animations for various things.
    • Tall grass in the wind.
    • Running water. (EDIT:Started)
    • Bushes in the wind.
    • Chimes.
    • Window shutters flapping the wind.
    • Trees in the wind?
    • Swings in the wind.
  •  Make shine/temple art assets (based off LPC work)

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