Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 6

Hello world, not too much to talk about currently. To-do list time!

  • Make okay-ish animations for block and dodge.
  • Get a "clang" sound in for a successful block.
  • Work on AI some more.
  • Test saving and loading.
  • Find/Make some enemy graphics.
  • More optimizing?
  • Make sounds keep volume between saves/loads.


So I'm approaching one week in. So far, mechanically I actually have almost everything, I just need to tweak the numbers a bit is all. I have some work on the sound front. The graphics front isn't going too well but I'll luckily be able to reuse my block/dodge/dash animations across the main character and enemies. And villager NPCs won't even need that. In terms of major technical features, the only things really missing are the amplitude-to-visibility function and improving the AI further.

I'm fairly happy with my progress into this event, sadly perhaps the slowest thing is making some graphics, because the LPC art jam didn't provide everything I wanted, but I suspected it wouldn't, and I'm generally okay with that.

So I think I'm going to write up a big list of remaining, "to do" stuff. So I can get a better perspective of what needs to be done. And try to focus more.

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