Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 3

Good morning, world!

So, now that I have some prototype gameplay, I think the plan is to work on some non-placeholder art and clean up the current code. I also need to add in "page" support to the entity and floor editor, as I never got around to doing that, and without it it'll be impossible to actually use a high number of ents/tiles.

  • Continue work on Main character sprite.
  • Clean up main character controls code.
  • Add pages to Floor Editor and Entity Editor.
  • Start work on amplitude-to-visibility stuff?
  • Start work on enemy sprite art?
  • Go over LPC art entries looking for art I can use.
Stuff I didn't plan on doing but did anyway!

  • Start work on binary-visibility stuff.
  • Edit the sword sound and when it's played to make it react faster to the player pressing the button.
  • Improved enemy AI.  Enemies now can't see through boundaries, and walk to the last place they saw the player.

Wish me luck.


Well, another day down. Today I got about half of the main-character walk-cycle frames done. I hope to have it finished, or at least a WIP version on all the frames, tomorrow.

But I personally find working on art a lot less fun than programming game features, so I ended up side-tracking to start work on the visibility stuff and working on the enemy AI.

Going through LPC art entries, there wasn't an awful lot I can work with, but I took what I could. And honestly, I don't really need too much specific art work. So it hopefully shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, progress is okay. Good night world.

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