Sunday, July 1, 2012

So it begins!

So the LPC coding phase is about to begin. So I guess it's time for the first post.

My idea is, summarized as simply as possible, an Action game where you play a character who has been blinded, but due to divinely heightened senses, anything he can hear is shown on the screen, fading in and out of the otherwise abyss of the screen.

This is an interesting idea, but it also has it's draw backs.


  • Unique as hell
  • A different area of game design to explore; the effect of knowledge on playstyle and ability.
  • Visually Interesting


  • Difficult to design it to not be frustrating.
  • Difficult to design it without being a total gimmick.
  • Not THAT much area of game design to explore, and doesn't lend itself to obvious extensions of pre-existing ideas.
I will be developing this using ThisHackishMess, my Python-Pygame-Pymunk dev kit thing I have been making, and my participation in this whole thing was largely to give it a bit of a real-world test.

I will spend this first night, planning out some of my time I think.

Good luck everyone!

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