Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dev post 1.

So, time to plan things out. First series of objectives. If I'm going to do on paper thinking, it might as well be here.

  • Fork the github code-base of THM.
  • Make sure forked THM is using 32x32 tiles.
  • Get some LPC tiles in.
  • Get an LPC character walking around.
  • Get a slash/lunge animation in.
  • Get a block animation in.
  • Set up a dummy enemy, with health.
  • Get the player able to damage the dummy.
  • Get the dummy to "die."
  • Start work on amplitude-to-visibility function.

Time to get moving.

EDIT: End of Day 1. Well, 6 hours in and I have 2 LPC tile sets in and working, a character who can walk around and lunge-dash-thing to cause damage (but no slash animation for it yet) on a dummy that disappears after 5 hits.

It's end of Day 1 my time, but still very early days.


I'm pretty happy with how much I got done in this first day. There was some things I had to fix with THM before I could get developing, but once that was done, I felt THM showed that it has the capability to be all that I want it to be, a good rapid-prototyping dev kit.

However I've hit a near immediate snag, I didn't program THM with support for varying frame-size animations yet, which is going to make getting the slash animation in there difficult. I'm going to have to program that in THM tomorrow.

Good night, world.

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