Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 2

Good morning world! Time to get back to work on my project.

So, last night I decided I need to make some system for have irregular frame sprite sheets, but the more I think about it, the obviously more complicated it becomes, so for now I'll start using 128x128 sheets even when I don't need the space. I may have to program in support for cropped-frames at some point or something since this will mean I'll have a lot of useless pixel data.

So. New to-do list.

  • Change animations to 128x128 format.
  • Get a slash animation, probably take one from the progress pic thread, for now.
  • Make a block animation?
  • Get some sounds hooked up.
  • Start work on my own player-character sprite set?
  • Start work on Amplitude-to-visibility function.
  • Start basic ai work?

Time to get busy.


So my connection died last night, preventing me from editing this post, yay.


After the first 24hours I have a place-holder character who walks around, has steps sounds, can attack with an attack sound, animation, a cool down on the attack, and a place-holder enemy who can do all those as well.

I think I'll try to have my own main character sprite made before working on the blocking stuff.

The file for the player is a bit of a mess though, I'm going to try and simplify it.

But again, decent progress.

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